Blount County Tennessee Smart Yards

Tennessee Smart Yards is an UT Extension-led program that guides Tennesseans on practices they can apply in their outdoor spaces to create healthier, more ecologically-sound landscapes and communities.

Nine principles of stewardship serve as the foundation for the program and are explored in online modules and practical workshops taught by UT Extension and water resource professionals.

Blount County Master Gardener Challenge

Let’s be a role model for gardeners in Blount County by diving into the Tennessee Smart Yard program. 

Even if you don’t plan on certifying your yard, taking the training will help you answer questions and help others create environmentally-friendly yards.

Before you say, “My yard is too small,” or “That is too much work,” consider this: someone certified their balcony! 

The Challenge

Take Tennessee Smart Yard training and certify your yard. The deadline is June 1st.

To get started, go to the Tennessee Smart Yards website.

Step 1: Download the workbook and the yardstick. Options for tracking your progress include a spreadsheet and pintable's, so choose whatever works for you.

Step 2:  Watch the videos - one for each Smart Yard principle.

Step 3: Take actions toward your goal of 36 inches.

Step 4: Certify Your Smart Yard.

Step 5: Purchase and put up your yard sign. This is optional, but the $30 sign cost supports the program. And it may inspire your neighbors.


Master Gardener hours -- 5 hours CEU and 5 hours volunteer 

Knowing that you are doing your part to make Blount County a better place

And prizes! All certified yards will be eligible for the drawing.

  1. First Place: A Tennessee Smart Yard sign reimbursement (worth $30)

  2. Second Place: An Out of Eden gift certificate (worth $15)

  3. Third Place: Bird and Bee Friendly Native Seed Packet

Questions: Contact Pien Steffes at or 240 883 2011(text is best).

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