Sam Houston Schoolhouse

The Sam Houston Schoolhouse State Historic Site is a wonderful place to learn about Blount County History! Built in 1794, the schoolhouse served Blount County for many, many years. Samuel Houston, a well-known local figure, was a schoolmaster in this very same school!

Blount County Master Gardeners have partnered with the Sam Houston Memorial Association in a collaborative multi-phase ongoing project to improve and maintain schoolhouse gardens and grounds. The focus of the partnership is on planting and maintaining native, historic and pollinator plants, trees, and bushes that will provide educational benefit, improve aesthetics, and encourage more people to visit and use the grounds.

See below for great photos showing the work of the Blount County Master Gardeners at the Sam Houston Schoolhouse. It's wonderful to see the Spring flowers blooming in the front gardens and daffodils and tulips in full bloom at the flag pole garden. Last year, the Blount County Master Gardeners planted 1,200 daffodil and tulip bulbs on the schoolhouse grounds! Master Gardeners also divided existing perennials and replanted throughout the gardens. 

 We invite you to tour the grounds, learn about the site's history, and enjoy the gardens! This site is a wonderful example of Master Gardeners and the Memorial Association working together to serve the community.

Follow this link to learn more about the Sam Houston Schoolhouse!    

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