BCPL Seed Library

The Blount County Master Gardeners are assisting the Librarians at the Blount County Public Library in maintaining a seed library.  The purpose of the seed library is easy - it is to store, save, share and swap seeds - just like books!

The Master Gardeners assist the BCPL staff in packaging seeds, distributing seeds, and teaching about how best to plant and nourish the seedlings as they grow.

For the public, all it takes is a BCPL library card. With the card, you can visit the seed library, check out seeds and take them home to grow. In return, you can save the seeds from your harvest and return them to the library for others to use. There is no cost for seeds, but there are of course a few limitations on how many packets can be taken each visit.

There are many types of seeds in the seed library - vegetables, flowers, herbs and others - making it a great place to go to get ready for spring each year!

Follow the link below to learn more about the seed library program. There are a few rules, easy to follow, to help ensure that the seeds that are given out are distributed fairly, and that the seeds given out and returned are healthy and ready-to-go.

Click here to learn more about the Seed Library at the BCPL website.

Happy Gardening!

Blount County Extension Master Gardeners

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