BCPL/BCMG Pollinator Garden

Blount County Master Gardeners are working collaboratively with the Blount County Public Library on development of a pollinator garden on library grounds in Maryville. The garden will extend from the library to Cormac McCarthy Circle on Cusick Street. 

Plans for the area include a gravel walking path in the middle of special plantings. There will be different sections of the garden for butterflies, bees, bats and birds. The Library will use the pollinator path and garden as an educational tool in conjunction with the Children's Library.

This project has involved many Master Gardener volunteers performing hard labor as they cut back and clear English ivy, privet and honeysuckle. After clearing the necessary trees and plants, the Master Gardeners will be spreading 6 cubic yards of wood chips along the path as the next step.

This project is ongoing as a formerly wooded and weed-filled area of the Library grounds has been transformed into a beautiful walking path where pollinators can be both supported and observed.

Once developed, the BCPL Pollinator Path will be open to the public at no charge. Keep your eyes on our progress as we work throughout the summer to support the Library and our wildlife!

  Here's a link to the library:  Blount County Public Library

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