BCMG-SWDC Learning Areas and Demonstrations Sites

The Blount Soil Water Conservation District and Master Gardener volunteer on several ongoing and future projects. Projects include specialized features, such as rain gardens, bioswales, pollinator meadows, and more, that require skilled knowledge of soil, water, and native plants. Projects may be public demonstrations sites of outdoor learning areas at schools, public parks, etc,. Work includes project installation, maintenance, enhancement and existing with outreach and discussion. Volunteers must have a specialized knowledge such as MG's do, and will receive continuing education to enhance their own skill sets.

  • Projects have included Little River Stream bank reinforcement by using native plants and eco friendly products.
  • Alcoa Duck Pond(s) invasive plant removal, planting many different native plants to draw pollinators, stabilize banks and pond bottoms. Provide food for aquatic, birds, etc life. Also a show place for the Public to learn.
  • Installing Boswales and rain gardens to filter pollutants from storm water and draw in Pollinators and provide cover for birds, frogs, butterflies, etc.

Blount County Extension Master Gardeners

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