BCMG-Habitat Bluebird Trail

The BCMG-Habitat for Humanity Partnership is another excellent example of Master Gardeners collaborating with the Blount County Community.

BCMG, working with HABITAT for Humanity, has installed an Eastern Bluebird Nesting Trail. The Trail is located on Spurlock Street, Alcoa behind a HABITAT housing project. BCMG's built and installed 11 nesting boxes for this location. The construction of the Nesting Boxes and guidelines for our weekly inspection are in accordance with the Tennessee Eastern Bluebird Society.

There are 2 functions for our Bluebird Trail:

1) to increase the population of native Bluebirds, because they are depleting in numbers due to loss of habitat. 

2) to provide public education to increase knowledge and care of our native Bluebirds. 

Currently there are 3 baby Bluebirds in the nesting boxes. There are also Tree Swallows and Wrens nesting on the Trail.  These too are native birds and Federally protected.

Follow this link to learn more about Habitat for Humanity.

Contact us by email to learn more about how you can help our local native Bluebird population.

OR  CLICK HERE for the Tennessee Eastern Bluebird Society

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